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for women to lead, love and live. No more sacrificing, putting yourself last, or leaning in, in order to earn your place at the table or in a man’s heart. Women from all over the world are resonating with the concepts in this book.

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What if you could learn to be and do in a different way that would help you achieve better results with less stress? Have more love and dignity instead of heartbreaks? What if there was a way to stop sabotaging yourselves at every turn?

Have you ever shamed yourselves into thinking that you have not “leaned in” enough at work, or perhaps you are not smart or competent enough? When it comes to love, have you been misled into thinking that love means settling for less, sacrificing yourself to show that you care, and that it is your job to make everyone else happy?

Unfortunately you often end up feeling alone, unappreciated, misunderstood, overworked, and overwhelmed by your choices. To cope with your disappointment, You kick yourself for being stuck in another compromised situation. You wonder why this keeps happening to you. You hope that life will change but you keep doing the same things expecting different results.

If you've ever asked yourself the question: "What The F*** Did I Do To deserve This? in love or in business)" Then The Integrated Woman book is for you.

This book will change everything about the way you lead, love and live. It's not just another leadership or self-help book. It’s fresh and innovative 3PsTM concept has been tested by women from California to Sweden, Azerbaijan to Vietnam, who have been where you are now. Learn how to take charge of your life without sacrifice; Draw in success and support while letting go of your insecurity and the need to prove your worth; have the love that you want without losing yourself trying to make everyone involved happy.

Stop repeating your old patterns. Read this guidebook instead and let the easy-to-follow concept help you understand how you got here, and what to do going forward.

You get to have the life, love, and success that you want.

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